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accordingly adv
1 (sentence connectors) because of the reason given; "consequently, he didn't do it"; "continued to have severe headaches and accordingly returned to the doctor" [syn: consequently]
2 in accordance with; "she acted accordingly"

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  1. Agreeably; correspondingly; suitably; in a manner conformable.
    • We may the number of ships behold, and so proceed accordingly. - Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra, III-ix
  2. In natural sequence; consequently; so.


  • Consequently; therefore; wherefore; hence; so.
  • Consequently, indicates a connection between two things, the latter of which is done on account of the former.
  • Accordingly marks the connection as one of simple accordance or congruity, leading naturally to the result which followed; as, he was absent when I called, and I accordingly left my card; our preparations were all finished, and we accordingly set sail. Consequently all finished, and we accordingly set sail.
  • Consequently marks a closer connection, that of logical or causal sequence; as, the papers were not ready, and consequently could not be signed.


Agreeably; correspondingly; suitably; in a manner conformable
In natural sequence; consequently; so

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according to circumstances, and so, appropriately, as a consequence, as a result, as it is, as matters stand, at that rate, because of that, because of this, compliantly, conformably, consequently, equally, ergo, finally, for that, for that cause, for that reason, for this cause, for this reason, for which reason, hence, hereat, in that case, in that event, inconsequence, inevitably, it follows that, naturally, naturellement, necessarily, of course, of necessity, on that account, on that ground, on this account, propter hoc, suitably, that being so, then, thence, thereat, therefor, therefore, thus, thusly, thuswise, under the circumstances, whence, wherefore, wherefrom
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